Mini fiction and micromusings about internet life, books, sex, food and red-headed girls.

What to do, what to do.

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  • On Being Myself
    Monday September 01st 2008, 1:08 am
    Filed under: Digitality,Net

    As of now, September first, 2008, I’m the first me in Google. This is a great honor.

    I’m also the second, third, fourth and fifth. All the first five Jonathan Silbers, Google says they’re me. It feels great. If you ask Google, there is no denying who, in this entire world, is Jonathan Silber. (It’s me.)

    The Google results are as follows: the first is my Linkedin page, in which you can read my entire resume, and also find out where I work, so you could come over late in the afternoon with a shotgun under your coat. The second result is my other blog, a digitalist, where you can find reasons you’d want use this shotgun on me. On the third link you get my Facebook page, where you can make sure you know what I look like, and so avoid the embarrassment of shooting strangers.

    My resume, my blog, my Facebook page: indeed, these all prove that I am here, that je suis, that j’existe, that I posses life and history and friends — I can’t fade away, I will never disappear from memory, not entirely. As long as there is Google there is proof, firm, solid, that I was here. On those interminable nights where I feel myself fading away into nothing, all I have to do to remain alive is Google myself.

    Head Blossom
    Wednesday April 23rd 2008, 1:16 am
    Filed under: Brain power,Net

    Someone got in Quotendquote by searching for “flowers, craniums”. This makes such beautiful, senseless sense. Flowers, craniums. Like cloud, dollhouse. Like singe, swim. It sends the brain in two opposite direction so it stretches between them like a rubber band, until it recoils and tears both meanings away and sends them crashing together. Yeah, flowers, craniums: I can see that now.